The Sengdroma Collection

The Sengdroma Collection

The Sengdroma Collection was born from an unlikely source. In the Spring of 2013 I took part in a Women’s Institute Soap making workshop. I was hooked!!!!!!
As an avid activist in all things Gaia, raising our 4 boys on organic food and having owned an organic farm it was obvious that the soaps I make, would have to be organic.
Family The Sengdroma Collection
There in was my dilemma. With 4 boys under the age of 10 having lye in the house was too great a risk. This meant CP & HP traditional soap making was not an option. I turned to Melt & Pour (m&p). Although it took a while, I found Crystal Clear Organic M & P and combined with the 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils I entered the fun and creative world of Artisan Soap Making.
The Sengdroma Collection is a fully certified artisan soap maker, registered with the BIS and member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers.
No artificial fragrances are used. In some cases mica / glitter maybe used if the design calls for it.
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