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Organic Soap Fun – The Sengdroma Collection

Organic Soap Fun – Sengdroma

Welcome to The Sengdroma Collection, Artisan Soap, crafted by hand, produced with love and filled with organic goodness

The Sengdroma Collection was founded in Spring 2013 by Caroline Tindal who attended a workshop run by the Women’s Institute in Totnes Devon. Inspired by the beautiful handiwork that she saw and the joy that the ability to craft one’s own soap brought to others she set up on a journey of discovery.

The name Sengdroma has been used by Caroline since 2008 when she was looking for a name for herOrganic Farm in Ontario Canada. As Yak were going to make up the bulk of her livestock, a name originating from Tibet  was perfect.

Yak - Taken by Dennis Jarvis

Yak – Taken by Dennis Jarvis

Sengdroma is a Tibetan girl’s name meaning “Goddess called up on as a protector of herds.” As a mother to 4 boys, organic farmer and activist for saving Gaia the name Sengdroma was chosen and has been used by and to represent Caroline across all social media since 2008.

It was therefore only natural that when Caroline was looking for a shop and blog name for her range of Soaps that The Sengdroma Collection was selected.

With such young children, Caroline has chosen to specialise in Melt & Pour Soap as this negates the need to have lye in a non saponified form in the house. To ensure her family and friends remains safe from industrialised chemicals, she has sourced her soap base from Crystal Clear Organic and it has a Soil Association rating of 71.99% organic. All oils used are 100% Certified Organic EO from specific trusted companies – primarily but not exclusively Amphora Aromatics and Neal’s Yard Remedies and colours are from nature’s own bounty that we use everyday eg powdered ginger, cocoa etc where possible all colours are also certified organic.

Many of the specialist oils, hand blended by Caroline, are released on a limited edition each year e.g. ‘Spirited’. However throughout the year standard EO’s are regularly stocked e.g. Lemon, Spearmint, Sweet Orange etc.

A bespoke service is available please enquire.